Saturday, September 4, 2010

Warp and Weft

This is a new pattern I have learned, or should say am still learning.  I had a few problems with it yesterday and again this morning.  Perhaps it is the brain fog kicking in.  A few more tries and I think I will have it.  I'll be posting each new pattern I learn along with the tangle I used it in. Sorry I don't know the name of the pattern so I will just call it . . . Warp and Weft.

There are things I like about this tangle .  . . and things I don't.  I will not mention the things I don't...this is supposed to be relaxing, stress free and as they say, there are no mistakes in I did my best to work with them!  Hey!  I'm a beginner!  However, I just have to apologize for the ugly dark line, it is covering  a few  "non-mistakes" and I picked up the wrong pen for my initial.  But I think there is no such thing as picking up the wrong pen either!  ;-)

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  1. We have called this tangle "W2"....but really it stands for warp and weft..... nicely done. Have fun. Maria


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