Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Left Handed Challenge - Non-Dominatrix!

The Diva's Challenge this week is to tangle left handed...I am usually tangling with short circuits and the past few weeks it became noticably worse.  And this, the first week I feel I have a little control again and am awake also, wouldn't you know it!  The challenge is a doozy!  I almost said, no I'll wait for the next one.  Well, as I tangled, I was surprised it was as good as it is...I fully know it is not good but I expected far worse.  I did not have the energy to shade this, especially with my left hand!  I feel wobbly all over, even typing feels funny and I am noticing my left hand more as I type...I want to shake it.  However, it was a challenge and I am glad I did it.  Now to post over at The Diva's site and then visit the others, and I can't wait to see how everyone did! ;-)
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