Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Short Circuits Complete

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Well, I went on to finish this tangle that I was so discouraged with at the start in my last post and I actually like how it turned out!  And I am keeping the title Short Circuit.  I notice that besides the hands that do not control the pen the way I want them to, my eyes do not move at the right speed as I follow my pen and it slows me down which makes the lines mess up.  The whole exercise is a balancing thing.  I find short strokes easier to do, long ones are sure to go awry.  Orbs or circles often become odd shapes but, here, dark fill took care of it.  I have to learn to accept my short circuits and even make them work for me.

The image in the left is almost finished, the one on the left finished with a little shading.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Short Circuits

This is the beginning of a new tangle.  I woke up, made some coffee and sat down to tangle a little before I go out to do a final cleanup on the patio.  My hands tremble more than usual this morning...so it this pattern is quite different than Suzanne McNeil's "River."  I had difficulty making the pen go where I wanted.

The neurologist at the MS Clinic told me this week that my brain has short circuits.  There is nothing they can do for it. 

Sipping my coffee as I "drew" the lines, I was feeling bad about the evidence of my impaired small motor control staring back at me.  I used to have perfect control over my lines and my writing. I used to do calligraphy, used to teach it to others at craft classes.  These days, I even type, Post-it notes because my writing is so bad. 

A friend sends me daily horoscopes, just for fun, and the email arrived with today's horoscope.  What a shock I had when I read the subject line.   It is Friday.  I did not go to work today, thinking it was Saturday.  I knew the day last night, I was confused this morning.  Will have to start leaving notes on the night table so I am told what day it is when I wake up.  I called in sick...I can't let them know.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tangling Tired

I am experiencing lots of MS symptoms lately, I come home tired and sleep much of the evening. I started this tangle weeks ago and finished on the weekend...just working on it a few minutes at a time. I didn't care if I was slow, just enjoyed doing it. What's the rush anyway? I find creating these tangles good therapy, good for focus, small motor control and just plain relaxing.

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