Sunday, January 30, 2011


This tile started with Jane Monk's Plaid, featured in Tangled Patterns this week. I would like to work with this one again, now that I am a little more comfortable with it. I have no idea what that black line is down the is a zig zag thing that went quite wrong, but there it is.  
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  1. Actually I think the zigzag is a nice third dark area, a counterpoint to the ones on each side!

  2. I agree! This black zig zag is the counterpart to the white straight line of HOLLIBAUGH leading down the same way. Like Yin & Yang ;-) .
    It reminds me of a river meandring in a stony riverbed.
    It´s a lovely tile!

  3. I also love the zig zag because it adds a nice contrast. Very nice tile!


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