Friday, January 21, 2011

Tangle Your Name Challenge

Since I began to tangle (sounds like a dance doesn't it?)  a little while ago (I'm a newbie to Zentangle® ) two people have been special mentor/teachers and my main resource for learning.  Kit Murdoch, introduced me to Zentangle and became my tangle mother, (I know I am older than she is!) encouraging, supporting, teaching, and showing the way.  I am thankful to this special lady, far away, on the opposite-underneath-side of the world for her friendship and encouragement--in many ways!  

My other mentor doesn't even know she has been influential and a great help. I have been one of  Linda Farmer's lurkers at , happy just to sit in the shadows and learn.  Not only does Linda  create her own tangle patterns, she has created a central place with one huge organized listing of patterns. What a great resource!   I joined the site and look forward to email updates a few times a week.  Her site is THE place to find every tangle pattern on the internet...if she has missed a few it won't be long before she finds them!  

Recently, I have been coming out of the shadows and joining and there.   The Diva has a weekly challenge that has been fun.  Then I saw Linda put one out a while ago...she asked us to tangle our names using patterns that begin with each letter of our name.  I was a little daunted, there are 13 letters in my online name, 7 in my first name...didn't think I could do it.  I decided to have a go at it and here is the tangle.

I decided to begin with a sort of string that are the letters in my name.  I liked the look of it and had great expectations for this tangle.

I looked up patterns with the letters I needed (thank you Linda) and made some choices.  Once the first h and t were tangled, I realized I could have made a better choice, hindsight is so clear...the h and t almost blend, there is little difference in tone...sigh!  I liked the letters empty but once tangled, the white spaces looked strange but I didn't want to add other patterns, maybe I should have repeated some but I decided to try to unify everything with the lines in the background.  I think I got in a fuddle. ;-)  Breathe in, breath out slowly!

I was going to redo it but decided to post it and move forward!  I am still learning and this has been fun, a fine lesson and another step.  Smiling, breathing and learning here!


  1. How creative to make the letters your string - I really like the way it looks. We've all created a few "what was I thinking" tiles. Funny they all look better over time. Keep breathing.

  2. Nice! Glad you've come out of lurking ;-)

  3. I´m glad to meet so many co-tanglers on the web… Your blog encourages every newbie to tangle on (including me!).
    What a chance of modern technology the web can be – otherwise I´d never become aware of ZENTANGLE®…

    Thank you for sharing your experiences,

  4. Fun tangle, and way to pack a lot of pattern into a small area. Great use of your name’s letters your string. Nice to see you peeking out!

  5. This is a great idea. Have not had a minute to think up a string for my name, but it is definitely on my to-do list. You are very clever to have made your letters nest together so well. The bottom of the 'a' becoming the top of the 'r', etc. Don't know what I will come up with for 'susan'.

  6. This is very cool! It looks great.

  7. thanks for your nice comment.
    I like how you did your name and the lines are a good find; good background and they make the tangles come out very well.


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