Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zendala Dare: Snowflake

The Zendala Dare this week is a snowflake we have created I am creating snowflakes to tangle.  Above is my first, below my second.  I will add the tangled snowflakes tomorrow.

And now I have found a place where I can cut snowflakes with sissors online.  We can save them too.  Here is the site:  Create a Snowflake  And here are a couple of tries I made:

Photo Cube


  1. À beautiful snowflake you make.It remembers me of the cirkels frommel Janosch. Beautiful also whthout paterns.

  2. I.m looking forward to see what you made of these!

  3. What an amazing templates did you make. Love them, Can't wait to see how you tangle them. Great.

  4. pretty neat!
    and i love this floating cube app on your blog - that's really interesting!


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