Friday, September 10, 2010

Zentangle of the Day

A few of the tangle patterns used today are Zizyphus, Ennies, Beelight, Warped Eggs and Snakeskin. Those little curls and dots near the Zizyphus don't really have a name...I just filled in some doodles.Again, there are things I absolutely love about the finished tangle and things I find not so good.  I will let you all know when I am perfect...but don't hold your breath. ;-)

I would love to get the book Totally Tangled, I am just balking at shipping costs but I will eventually give in.  It would make a great Christmas gift...wouldn't it?  In the meantime,  I have been collecting jpgs of tangle patterns, printing them and referring to them when I am doing a tangle of my own. My brain doesn't always come up with a pattern, so it helps to have something to refer to.  I am still unable to complete these things in 15 minutes but I am enjoying it all.

Rebekah sent me a message yesterday to show me her first Zentangle...Wow!  It was lovely!

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  1. Today I didn't do any. At least not yet, but it's almost 10PM so I don't think so...

    Yours is great! I've made mine really small so far. I realize it helps to look at some patterns every now and then. I'm partial to those swirly things that Suzanne McNeil had.

    Hate the shipping costs. Especially when they are cheap little things and the shipping turns out more than the value of the actual thing!


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