Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Zendala Dare: Thanksgiving

Updated Post:  I did this challenge wrong the first time--see the second one below--but now I have done it as the directions stated.  My original one reminds me more of a pie although it does not have the requested tangles, the second one reminds me less of a wait a minute--it does remind me of a lemon meringue pie...good!  

It certainly was fun and a real challenge for me because I didn't find many tangle patterns I could figure how to fit into a zendala and that also begin with the letters requested.  This being a Thanksgiving challenge and pie (I think of pumpkin when you say pie) being a big part of Thanksgiving meal, we were asked to use only tangles beginning with the letters P, I and E.  I settled on Ixorus, Paradox, a wee bit of Puff in the center, and Efflys in the larger center...well, one Effly to be exact.  While drawing all those parallel lines I began to feel drowsy, just as I do after the Thanksgiving meal!  Shading the zendala helped reduce the hypnotic effect.  Parts of the template began to disappear as I worked.  I am not sure of zendala rules; maybe that is ok.

* * * 
Well, this will teach me to read the instructions twice!  I read them once and it was a while before I did my zendala so, naturally, I forgot I had to use tangles beginning with the letters P, I and E.  Paradox works but the other two, Hilly and Crescent Moon don't belong with this challenge; I need an I and an E.  Back to the drawing board!  I will post again tomorrow. :-)

I am familiar with Zentangle, tangling and ZIA but zendalas are new to me and I am enjoying them very much!  If you would like to join the challenge or see what others have done, visit The Bright Owl's Zendala Dare.


  1. Both are beautiful, but the one with Ixorus is my favorite. This tangle works great here.

  2. Again you've given me something to research!


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