Wednesday, February 23, 2011

White Space Challenge

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Laura Harm's Challenge this week is White Space. I did this first one last night but now feel it was only a warm up. Sometimes more ideas come while I am actually playing with a tangle. I used to think I had to have one already in my mind...but when I just tangle, more come. Guess what I will play with tonight!

I'm off to the dentist before work. Maybe I can tangle in the waiting room.

Click on this to see more about the Diva's Challenge.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I wanted to combine two patterns, W2 and Paradox.

However, as I filled in the W2 spaces with Paradox, I began to see I was loosing W2!  What to do?  This was not in the plan.

Not what I expected . . . so how will I shade this? Breathe!  As I looked at it, I began to see lots of possibilities. I have no printer for now so I couldn't print a few copies and try them.  Relax! Finally, I decided to try and resurrect W2

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Et voila!!  W2 rose like a phoenix!  It turned out quite dark--darker than I usually tangle--kind of heavy with the blocks and dark shading, but that suits my mood today.  Tomorrow is another day and probably another mood.   The Diva has challenged us to work with white space!   Now that my dark side has been appeased, I look forward to some clean white space.  ;-)

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Grid Tangle in sequence

Grids are not my favourite kinds of tangle patterns but today my head needed something very ordered.  I began with a grid, added the string over the grid then picked up Totally Tangled to look for a few patterns I haven't tried.

First pattern I added is Kuginuki.  It was fun and relaxing, I didn't have to think too much about it, just enjoyed seeing the pattern develop "one stroke at a time."

When I added Pollen (upper left) I made some mistakes (my hands were not steady--sometimes I just have to accept that) but continued with a variation of it in the middle section.

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Lower left is Buttercup--this one was fun. Lower middle and upper right is a variation of N'zeppel--I always enjoy shading this one.  I guess what I like about this tangle is that each pattern area is different but the grid is uniform.

Added a little more detail to the middle section.

And then shaded a few of the sections.

This isn't the best Zentangle I have done, but I did enjoy doing it and learned a few new-to-me patterns.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

It takes all kinds . . .

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round.  This was my weekend tangle; I went back in my journal and completed a page I had left undone.  Tried some patterns I had not tried before...the finished tangle looks a little disorderly, a bit raucous even...these completely different orbs bunched together remind me of different types of people...each beautiful in their own way, each entirely different from the bunch.  Each bring their own gift to the group.   I was added to the Zentangle Group at Facebook--some CZT's, some  experienced graphic artists, and some beginners like me.  Each tangler brings something to the group.  Cool huh? :-)
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Before completion and shading.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here is my response to The Diva's  Breathe Challenge this week.  She said,"Your challenge, should you choose to accept it - is to create a tile or piece using conscious, even breath. To Relax. Breathe. Smile."

What a blessing this challenge has been!  I have been playing with Paradox for the past few days and enjoying it...the more familiar I became with it, the more soothing I found it.  The final tangle is more of a variation I is paradox melted down.  I did the four dots, joined them to form a border, then drew a string, and filled each section with paradox as much as the string allowed.  I was relaxed, aware of my breathing.  I did each of the tangles below at I said the other night, it was better than a sleeping pill!  When finished this one I thought it looked like a wood spirit. (or maybe a wood nymph)  

This one I call Tumbling Paradox, it reminds me of ice cubes tumbling from a glass. 

The more I became familiar with this pattern, the more it's repetitiveness relaxed me.  A cross made four squares to tangle.

The first one I posted the other night and called Soothing, began with an X inside the border making 4 triangles to tangle with Paradox.

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